Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I Heart Malaysia!

Fuihyooo... Tiber2 so patriotic. Guess NS has done it's cause.

Today(Tuesday) Ms Mangala made us google Malaysian Today and read the articles because our exam is mostly based on it. Not exactly, but it's more for our general knowledge.

I have a good impression on our political parties namely the Barisan Nasional, erh... UMNO, MCA, MIC etc etc... I am so totally not into politics and here I am typing my very little knowledge on politics here.

I 've always looked up upon our politicians regardless what people say about them because I'm sure everything they do, they must have their reasons behind them, which obviously isn't disclosed to the public due to privacy reasons or whatsoever.
Now that I HAVE to read MalaysiaToday online, call me easily provoked but I really don't like Malaysians who criticize our politicians.
If they are that good why aren't they GOOD politicians themselves?

I hate stuff like these. But I don't wanna fail Introduction To Mass Comm.

Those stupid racial buggers. Really pijak the politicians kawkaw. Wait till I become one and I will shove those shit back into their mouths. Make them eat their words -shit.

Ok la, maybe I won't become a politician because all I know about politics are BN, UMNO, MCA, MIC, the curent prime minister and how to get into the college mag board.
I'll leave the rest to Chong only if he decides to open his cafe after he retires after being a good politician.

Whatever it is, I thank them for every good thing they've done and if they did anything evil that hurt the nation directly or indirectly, I am nobody to judge them.

Chloe, clicking on and trying not to get too pissed.