Thursday, 30 August 2007


I am totally wiped.

A whole hour of RPM challenge in the wee hours of the morning isn't a very nice way to start your day. Workout ended at 10.30am.
The bicycle racing on the spot workout(rpm) got me exhausted. Why must they choose super long songs for each track?
As you can see, I am blaming the composer of each long track chosen, the Fitness First people who chose the long track, the fella who invented the super hard gym bike, the lack of fan in the studio(but good air ventilation) instead of blaming myself for lack of stamina.

Just got up to get my phone a computers away, the place which I sat at and found out that the internet explorer has something wrong.
I almost lost my phone! My dear dear baby...

I spent about RM 100 in half an hour.
It is no declaration. It's a fact. I got proof. *waves receipts in hand*
After my bath and everything, I started walking around Summit at 11.10am.
MPH- Two books by local authors and a wrapping paper with fireworks patterns. I immediately knew I had to get that. I will not leave MPH without it. Paid at 11.23am because the receipt says so. It aslo stated that my stuff costs me RM65.40
Went up to The 2nd floor to reload my phone. RM10 burnt. I needed it because I was out of credict. I'm excused.
Next stop at 11.40am is Secret Receipe where I got Chocolate Indulgence for GG which Jas, Wei Vern and I wanted to get for her birthday last week. RM5.78. We owed her. Her birthday was last week!
Total spent=RM81.18 in half an hour. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Currently at the college IT lab.
Waiting for class to start at 2pm.
Saw this guy in Summit with a group of friends. He had his tee cover up his face n waved "hello Chloe"
I was like... O.o Who?!
Den he took down his tee n i was like O.O Josh...and blabbed out "Omigoshit'syou" instead of a random 'yo!' or a simple 'hellooo!!'
No, I did not say "Oh Mi Go Shit's You". If you did think so, reput(Re-Put) your spases properly so that it looks like an 'Oh Mi Gosh It's You'. Thank You.
Dont make me look as if I greet people by saying 'shit'#.
Haha, finally saw and met all my old school friends who are studying in SEGi.

Chloe, signing out to prepare a pen and paper to compose a short song ESPECIALLY for RPM goers or lazy people like me.

#Special case: I only do that to Mary "ZOMGWTFSHITIT'SYOUBITCH! AAAAAAAAH!!!" and vice versa.


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

I wan pics 4 d next update 'cheh cheh'... '.'