Sunday, 5 August 2007

One Down, One To Go

Stupid thing tiber2 oni blue n underlines come out. Ugh.

The view of Bangkok's shopping centre, MBK on the right and BTS(LRT) track above on the left.
Forgive me for the blur picture. I was in a rush. 2 days in Bangkok is just not enough.
I reached there on Wednesday evening and our flight back was on Friday at 7.40 in the morning.
This in one HOT car I would like to own....

I took this picture opposite Zen, formally known as World Trade Centre.

Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car

Ok la I know it's a taxi but the colour is like damn chunted right?

Their taxis are TOYOTA you know? Kenot beat Proton wei... Air cond super cold wan.

*Looks up in the sky with hopeful eyes*

"When I grow up, I am going to have a super shoking pink car like the Thai taxi and a condominium in Hong Kong/KL (KL oso ok la) that overlooks the beautiful skyline of tall tall buildings with pretty pretty lights."

Chloe, crawling back to bed after hearing mum's footsteps. Shhh... Don't bocor me...


finance minister said...

how was your bangkok trip? must be fun......