Thursday, 16 August 2007

ID guy

Shaking hands,
Pounding heart,

Heart pounding.
Interior Designer
Spinning head,
Head spinning.

Was in the same lift as him. Thank goodness Jas pulles me out at the third floor to go the IT lab.

hate i'm all whoozy...
Close to being tipsy,,,

Shit. jas read this post. oh shit oh shit oh shit.

I like puppy love. I'll be over him the minute i get to talk to him=)

Chloe, not knowing wht she is thinking or doing =/

i am not so tipsy-whoozy now...

Happy Birthday KC!


Brian D'milano said...

OK clo you just make your 1st step just "Spill the beans out" wana know more on that interior design lad...must be chia yi classmate or senior hard to say i guess...=/ hahah

Angela said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!
reminds me of orange guy!!! hahaha

sarah said...

haha...does he have nice eyes? and lips? @.@ like the charlie lam fung guy or the kuai chai? hehe

chLoe said...

brian-no, hez a freshman like me. same semester, same focad. =)

jela-yeah, just like orange shirt guy. dunno name, dunno age. as 4 me, i oni kno his course, hence, interior designer guy.

sarah-uh huh... nice eyes, nice lips... about kuaichai/perlombongan guy's height n like mouth gurl's boyfriend's body. but of course la nicer la. i can oni think of mouth gurl's guy atm, dunno who else can i relate with. will tell ya if i can think of any.
pei yan said d guy whom duet wif maria during d competition died, duno whoz he. delta kua...