Friday, 31 August 2007

Team Japan Fireworks

Went to see the fireworks competition with Chia Yi and her dad.
He paid for my ticket to the convention centre.

*thanks uncle*

Now I'm damn scared to upload ony pics on my blog aredi. Kenny Sia had a pic he took and someonel by the name of Vivian cropped out the '' at the bottom and sent the particular picture to The Star newspaper and won RM5o that day.
Very wtf right?

So since I promised Wong that I'll show him the pictures, I guess I'll upload 1 or two here... scared copyright kena bashed.

Fireworks from team Japan.

Ok la, I damn 'kiam siap' wan. 1 enuff la.

Beautiful firowoks,
Light up the dark sky;
As the darkness into the night lurks,
These pretty lights come by.

Chloe looks up in awe,
Fireworks penetrate her heart's core;
Saying she wants more,
While others think it's a bore.

Chloe, signing out... gonna sleep...


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Nice one...:)