Saturday, 1 September 2007

Chloe on Malaysians

My first damn post on this...

I feel like I’m living in an artificial world.

Today Malaysia is celebrating it’s 50th Merdeka. Patriotic songs fill local tv. Even my usual Wah Lai Toi channel featured the Prime Minister giving his speech.

Newspapers had the front and back printed with the Merdeka event that happened at the Dataran Merdeka at 12am in full colours.

The centre spread was filled with pictures of vibrant colours of the country. Even the letter section featured letters written by Malaysians local and abroad on Malaysians should be ‘brothers’ to one another, how one grew up with different ethnic backgrounds and how this Malaysian kept the Jalur Gemilang dear to him while working in Germany.

What touched my heart most was how this Malaysian celebrated Merdeka in Switzerland by inviting his friends over to his place, cook Chinese, Indian and Malay food and start the ‘Merdeka Dinner’ celebration by singing the Negaraku and handing out the lyrics translations for the Country’s song. My tears trickled down my cheeks as I couldn’t hold them back while reading the article.

I think that’s what a Malaysian should really do. Some people may say that they don’t have to do anything as long as the country stays in their heart but in my opinion, what’s the use if they don’t show it?

I could not help but feeling touched by what these Malaysians do.

As for me, I can’t stand the Jalur Gemilang touching the ground.

What hurts the most is when I recently read Malaysian Today where ‘Malaysians’ criticize the country. Note the inverted commas. I shall not continue anything about Malaysia Today because I have a post on it a few posts before this. If they want, they can jolly well live in America and criticize Bush for all I care.

As for all you racist buggers, I’m sorry you encountered situations whereby involved other races hurting you and making you mad, but for your information, other people may encounter problems with your race too. People are people. There is nothing you can do to stop them, so there is no point getting angry with their race, instead, why don’t you get mad at that bugger instead?

What you are doing is called racial discrimination.

Take this for an example: Let’s say a bald headed fat ass guy snatched your handbag and got away with it. Why can’t you just get mad at all the bald headed fat ass guys in the country/world, but what you did is you categorize him into a race and hate his race.

As I watch these patriotic songs/videos/mtv (hahah) on air on tv and happy Malaysians waving the flag in their hands I know that if I throw a stone at the crowd, I know I’m bound to hit one racist.

Me? Judge? No… I just feel that there are hypocrites in the world and anyone can be one of them.

Chloe, not meaning to offend anyone...It's just her view and thoughts of stuff that came into her mind, robbing of her beauty sleep.


cdason said...

well... sometimes it takes one to be outside of malaysia to realize ow proud they are to be a Malaysian...

like the saying "you never appreciate what you have until you've lost it"