Friday, 7 September 2007

BM Kid's Mum

Ms Khor: Hello? Chloe? Hey, can you ganti Ms Cecelia for her Standard 5 BM class? She's suddenly got something urgent to do and can't make it so I was wondering if you could help out only for tonight.
Me: No.

Ok, I’m a nice person, so I did. I was freakin tired of all the running arounds this afternoon because
1) I didn't bring the mounting board to hand up my assignments
2)Popular doesn't have any more mounting boards left.
3)MPH doesn't have any mounting boards either
4)The photo shop can't read my thumbdrive
5)Thank goodness my mum gave me a call and she happens to be around the corner so she fetched me to Taipan.
6)Stupid photo shop charged me RM14 to develop an 8R picture
7)I had to wait for an hour
8)It was 1.05pm.
9) Class starts at 2pm I walked around and entered Video Ezy.
Me to the man behind the counter: Do you by any chance have 'Vanessa Hudgens' cd?
Man Behind Counter: Sorry Out of Stock.
Me:O.o WAAAHHHHHHH..... So popular until like that...
MBC: Yeah
Me: How about HSM2 soundtrack?
MBC: Sorry, that too is out of stock.

Yes, I asked for HSM2 soundtrack because I have my reasons. If you want to think that I'm so crazy over HSM then it's up to you. I have no rights to change your opinion even if you refuse to think that it's(HSM soundtrack) for my kids my students.
Those of you who don't know, too bad ask, and I'll tell you.

Back to the topic...

In the beginning there were about 18 people for the BM class but since school teachers aren’t allowed to teach, the school/tutor left and the class shrunk in the hands of another tutor to about 5 people. Guess how many students appeared?

There were only 3 students.


OK lor, so I still did pemahaman with them. Then at the end of the class, a mother came in to pick her daughter up.

Me: I’m taking over their BM tutor for today because she had something urgent going on.
Student’s mother: YOU ah?

I was about to explode at that ungrateful mother whose daughter is super quiet and doesn’t answer any questions I ask.

You could at least say a small thank you or a smile to show your gratitude which you, I’m sorry to say, have none.

Chloe, being grateful to each and every one of her blog readers, KC for teaching me how to strike out words (HAHA) and everyone else for everything else I'm aware and not aware of.