Thursday, 6 September 2007

Genius Photographer -__-

I'm here to tell everyone that I...

...have finally finished my photography ASSignments and it is a real relieve to know that I don't have to take anymore portraits because I totally suck at it. Either the nice pictures are blur or the blur pictures are nice, not to mention I tend to cut off the top part of the head for 'Head Shot' or cut off AT LEAST ONE side of the fella's shoes for 'Full Length'.

So it wasn't an easy task for me when my freelance photographer uncle squashed my confidence by saying the pictures I showed him weren't good due to lighting, blah blah blah,especially when I thought I was the best photographer. There you go... My photography ego went from as high as the clouds dropped like a missile to the ground.

Currently listening to Raymond Lam Fung's 'Ling Wui' which means something like 'realize'. Dunno... Jela told me wan. Or was it Cacing who told me?

Chloe, got to go sleep... A round of RPM with her aunt tomorrow morning *faints*


jela said...

it wasnt me =)