Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The End of Malaysia Mega Sales '07

Need I say more?

Tell my parents that:
I'm not a hoarder.

I am waiting for HSM2 to be premiered on the 9th of September.
I can't wait for the release of HSM's vcd/dvd whichever comes first.
I am going to buy HSM and HSM2 soundtracks.
I am an 18 year old girl who watches HSM.
Got a problem with that?

I want that Fila bag I saw in Summit. IT WAS ON SALE! RM29 ONLY! Now no more sale which means no more bag =(
I want that pink Fila shoe. RM29. Refer above.
I want a new Sony Ericsson camera handphone. No model in particular. My hp camera died on me.
I want to dye my hair red. Cacing's hair colour is nice. It's red-brown.
I want more tees please. I've run out of them.
I want an ipod. Doesn't have to be expensive. The normal mp3 ipod would do. Pink please.
I want many many siblings. So that I can have more freedom.
I want to get over and done with the stupid undang test and drive.
I want to get the new TVB series Steven Ma and Bernice are acting in.

Steven Ma is a good actor. Each time I watch him on telly with diffrent female co-stars, he matches so well with them. He gives me a sense of security.
Wong Hei too.
Raymond Lam gives me the feeling of being loved.

That's what I think these actors look like inside.
But of course, they are ACTORS afterall... One can never decipher an actor. They are all just... acting.
Like Kevin told me that his friend was appointed to be Wong Hei's chaffeur during his stay in Malaysia and little did he(Kev's friend) know that Wong Hei was full of 'colourful' words.
I guess it's the same as Vanessa Hudgens. Zac Efron was quoted saying "beneath the sweet girl(Gabriella) is one sexy woman" or something like that. Saw in Galaxie mag.

Kay... Perhaps I'll go for a round of bowling tomorrow with Alfie and the gang... Depends on what time I wake up... I'll see lah, malas or not.

Chloe, trying to get her bum to bed.