Tuesday, 4 September 2007


"Life is really unexpected. Full of cold surprises"-Pamela

Saw a post in Jin's blog where he mentioned that this guy from my high school died.
I told Siew Chuen about it. This is how our convo went:

Me:Arnold died.
SC: How?
Me:(I copypasted the paragraph frm Jin's blog)
SC:He crashed himself? Dumb
Me: ppl whr got sengaja wanna crash themselves wan.

-.-" Sweat-ed right?


Pam said...

i hereby give u my permission to quote me...
lolz.. tho u already did it BEFORE i allowed u..

feels so nice to be quoted like dt.. heheh, 1st para/sentence/word summore... wor... 0.0

chLoe said...

At least i giv u credicts mar... put ur name thr summore...

thank u
4 letting me quote u

u're welcome
coz u thanked me for quoting u

Pam said...


ya la, i noe la... playing oni mar.. heheh XP