Saturday, 1 September 2007

Flu Away!

Stupiak influenza.
Took two tablets and I now I feel that the medications are working on me.

-Clo is offline.
-Clo saw the date on the fax machine-2nd Sept07
-Clo looked at the time-10pm
-Clo remembered that Ron Ng's birthday is on the 2nd of Sept so she quickly came online and opened her blog to post a birthday message for him, although I doubt he'll ever stumble upon her humble page.
Mum said "Hey! Fireworks finals is tomorrow."
Clo:*GASPS* NO! OH NO! IT'S TODAY! IT ENDS TODAY!!! And it starts now! Right NOW!!!
Mum:Tomorrow lah.
Clo: NO! TODAY!!! 2nd of Sept!

I remember clearly because so many things happens on this date.
1)It's Ron's birthday.
2)It's the last day of the Fireworks competition.
3)It's the last day of the Malaysia Mega sales *cries* nooooooo~~~~~
4)Exactly one week after this date is the Premier of High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel.

So how can I ever forget?! Plus the fax machine (beside me) says so.

Until I looked at my watch that read:
SA 9. 1
pm10:10 34


And typed all of the above.

Chloe, changing the date of the fax machine and falls into a deep sleep once the medicine worked in her systems.