Saturday, 1 September 2007

Laladidum Laladidum

10.34pm 01-09-2007

I am pissed at Suria.

She asked me to keep quiet. I was like ‘lalalala’ and she ‘shhh’ me. I was damn geram so I ‘lalalala’ louder lah. Den she ‘shhh’ me again. WTFWTHTOOTEDTOOT! She ‘shh’ed me when I want to ‘lalalala’.

So… being as Chloe as I already am, I put on Princess Hours OST to listen. I know she digs Princess Hours so I purposely put it at the loudest volume for her to hear. She was sewing. Very
near me.

Before the end of the 1st soundtrack (the nice one) I plugged the earphones into the notebook and… she can’t hear anything but the driving sound of ‘ ch…ch’ that came out of my earphones and the terrible voice of Chloe trying to sing Korean =)

Neh neh neh neh neh!!!


Chloe-1 Suria-0

(8) Sa Rang In Ga Yo, keu dae na wa nat ta, myeon si jak gin ga yo…~ (8)


Sweet, sweet revenge =)

She switched channel to Astro Ria and is listening to Siti Nurhaliza’s Konsert Akustik.

Chloe-1 Suria-1

‘Laladidum… Laladidum…’

Chloe, signing out