Monday, 3 September 2007

I Am The Best Damn Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me

Phew... talk about...
*glares at you*
Not perasanness. It's called self-esteem.

I don't like to eat tou foo. I hate the smell. That includes soya bean and tau foo fa.
I don't like pork.
I don't like beef.
I don't like lamb.
I don't like mutton.

In case you were wondering, no, I don't eat bak kut teh either. Got la, if my dad suddenly has this craving for it, but I'll just have the 'teh'. No 'bak'. No 'kut' either. Humans don't eat 'kut'.

My reason on why I don't like soya...
On the 23rd of March 1989, Spring's Child was born on the face of the earth, bringing joy to a happy couple. She was the best damn thing that happened to...
I'll cut the long story short where her mother was in 30+ hours labour >.< not my fault!!!
She was lactose intolerant: ( ) and so her mother was forced to feed her with soya bean.

Why I don't like soya now is a question I've still got in my head.
But I'm ok drinking milk, eating yoghurt, bingeing on ice-creams and chocolates now.

Chloe, signing out, thinking that she is possibly hungry.