Monday, 3 September 2007

Wind? What Wind?

There was a slight breeze.
Soothing and cooling.

Then a gush of wind blew me,
blew my face,
blew my hair,
blew my baju,
made me feel messy.
I would have enjoyed the wind
months and months back.
I would have thought:
"if there's no wind,
the air is still"
I would have wished
for the wind to come.
To come blow me,
take my breath away.
Now the wind
is like a nuisance.
Mess my face,
Mess my hair,
Mess my baju,
Wind, "WHATEVERrrr"

It's not as appealing as it was before(March12,06 post).

Chloe, closing all the windows. Brrr... Such a windy day.