Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Presenting Korean Food

I would like to wish all those people HAPPIE BURFDAY who were born on the month of September.

14-Char (cuzzie)
Anyone else I missed? Please be thicked skinned to tell me because I risked my face by putting a list of people's names here and forgetting any...

Mum brought Suria and I for Korean in Taipan for Suria's birthday.
Name of the restaurant: Dai Cheung Kam.
Seriously use the Korean series to publicize the restaurant wei.
But the kimchi is delicious. I'm not so much of a kimchi fan, but theirs is superb.

Here's my Kimchi soup that came with 10 dishes.

The dessert which is actually sweetened rice.
I scooped up some rice with ice but I don't think the picture is very clear.

Today for Introduction To Mass Communication class, we learned about radio. Because radio is such a short topic, so we had to do a mini presentation.

"Pretend that you are running for president. How do you convince people to vote for you over the radio?"


I hate running for president n pengerusi n stuff so I never actually thought of it. My lecturer is like damn pantang horrible presentations so I thought I was in deep shit.

Was the second to present so I came up with this:

"Hello everybody,
My name is Chloe;
Please vote for me,
As president for the Procrastinators Society.

The greatest procrastinators,
Can be positioned as Chief Terminator
But you can have the position later,
As for I am the best procrastinator.

There will be no deadlines,
You'll have plenty of bedtimes;
If you vote for me,
As the president of the Procrastinator's Society."

Chun anot? Chun anot first?

My cikgu said I had a loud n clear voice. *ahemm*

Chloe, procrastinating her assignments and going to Korea putting on some Korean drama to watch.