Sunday, 21 October 2007

Awaken from a Hiatus

I'm here!
*ducks a flying tomato and rotten egg*
Nobody misses me meh? =(

Ok lah I know I haven't been updating. I'm busy thinking of ways to get back at Wong for stepping on my tail in the last post making sure the world revolves around me.
And it has. Yippie!

I finally added 3 (note: THREE) movies to my stunted collection. The last movie I bought was She's The Man starring Amada Bynes.
I've added Casanova, Meet The Fockers and It's A BoyGirl Thing to the collection.
Haha, super old movies, eh?
I've got so little movies I can even type them out here and embarass myself.
Here I go:
She's The Man,
The Joy Luck Club(vcd+ cover gone missing)

Laugh. Go on, laugh at my pathetic collection.

Fyi, I don't buy pirated ones, so I rather not own anything at all.

I'm into songs that I don't understand.

I've got a list of French, Spanish, Latin and Korean songs in my playlist(and handphone) and I've recently added Thai songs to the list. I wanted to buy Dome's cd but it was out of stock. Disappointed, I asked the guy to recommend another alternative. End up buying Thailand's Feel Good Greatest Hits and a Rudklao Amratisha(pronounced as Rud-kao A-ma-rish) cd. Not bad. She's got a sweet voice. I think.
Haven't actually listened to the whole cd yet. To be honest, I've only listened to one track.
Maybe just one line of the first track.

Or perhaps just the beginning music.
Argh, I don't know lah.
Will tell you what kind of voice she has when I've listened to it.

Currently listening to Vanessa Hudgens' Afraid.
When someone has a good voice, nomatter what they sing, their songs will turn out good.
Take Whitney Houston for example. Damn her life at the moment but she has a good voice.
Celine Dion is also a good example.
Faith Hill...
Kelly Clarkson...
Miriam Yeung...

I don't really fancy female voices but theirs is good. As for guy's, I'll still stick to my opinion that Lam Fung has a sexy voice. It's nice. Soothing...

Normally I buy soundtracks of nice movies. Let's see what soundtrack does my shelf have...
The Lizzie McGuire Movie OST
The Sound of Music OST
All About Men (weird name, but this is a compilation of TVB themesongs sung by the male stars)
Princess Hours OST

and 3 of Il Divo's cds.

I officially embarassed myself on my own blog. Damn. Wait till my collection grows, I'll
Kay, maybe not.

Chloe, signing out to listen to Rudklao Amratisha


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Mana ada step ur tail? -if u had one....betta dodge all them 'strike-out flyin' daggers' and leave them to the otha wong (a-drain)