Monday, 5 November 2007

Fashion 101

Just now, I had shopping 101, and now it's Fashion.

To start of with, I'm not a person who buys Sungei Wang clothes each time thay have new stock, but I buy clothes that I feel comfy in. So, Fashion 101 is nothing about the latest trend. It's more to minor fashion 'don't's which I observe from people I know, or walked past, and put them in words.
I think.

Here goes:
1) When you are wearing bareback right down to your waist, PLEASE DON'T wear a colour stained bra. Put on those silicon thingies (I have no clue what the name is but yeah,) put those two sticky things on. Or put on a black bra one if you have none.

2) Never wear a sleeveless top if you have not had your...
*help me think of not so crude words*
underarms shaven! Migosh, that day I was at this shopping centre then a lady... nevermind. Nothing. Nothing at all.

3) Dress your age. As much as you like frills and lace and floral prints on your chiffon blouse, please don't wear it if you're not 50.

4) Collar tees and Bohemian-gypsy skirts don't match. AT ALL.

5) Mini skirts and big tees don't match either.

6) Please throw out the jeans that your mum passed to you from the 80s that goes right up to your stomach/beneath your boobs.
These pants may look like skinny jeans, but please, the cutting is so obvious. Skinny jeans are tight, 'MOM Pants' aren't.
They're loose and then traps your ankles at the bottom.
Ok, if you still want to wear them, there is one solution:
Wear a longer top. Don't wear those that ends right at the belt area-which is at your belly button.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone's fashion sense in any way. The above are just stuff that comes across my head when I see any faux pax. But not to worry, my eyes are blinded when it comes to friend's outfits. Serious, I can't seem to be able to see anything wrong with friend's outfits.

Chloe, signing out, leaving for Petaling Street and KLCC in an hour or so.