Monday, 5 November 2007

Shopping 101 -Part 1

There will be many parts and many episodes of stuff I will encounter so this Shopping 101 may be more than a 'part1-part2' thing.

When you have reached your destined floor after a nice and smooth escalator ride, NEVER, EVER stay stationary and take your own sweet time to decide
"Hmmm, which way should I go? The east or the west? Left of right?"
If you can't make up your mind, then let me help you.
Just go straight and stop blocking the damn way. Nevermind if you want to get banged by those people or shopping trolleys behind you, but the people behind you do not want to get squashed between their trolle and another trolley behind them.
Move forward. Take a north, then decide. Don't ever stay stationary upon reaching the end of the escalator.
Think of other people's butts to. If you want to get yours squashed, go stand in between the lift's doors. Squashed butt guaranteed.

If you do not intend to buy clothes, do not go to people's outlets, put on their clothes and snapping them with your camera.
That is downright stealing.
Indirectly of course.
It's like entering a store, bringing out a camera and asking the clothes to pose on the hanger and snap pictures. Of course, without getting caught.
However if you want to try it on and let your mum or sibling see how you look when you reach home because they werent there with you, then I guess it is a diffrent story. That is if you decide to purchase it.
Lydia Teh, Malysian writer also mentioned something likr that in one of her books.

If you see something you really like, buy it.
If it costs 100 times more than you expected then put it down.
However if it is something you know you will never ever find it elsewhere, dont hesitate to spend a little more. It is worth every single penny if you really like it.

How to make your items more value for your money after buying them:

If you buy a tee that costs about RM50, wear it for at least 50 times to that you'll be spending about RM1 a day on that tee. The more times you wear it, the better. If you wear it for 100 times, it'll only cost you RM0.50 each time you wear it. if you wear it more than 500 times, well then, the tee is practically free!
Although it may cost you more than a year to make your tees worth, and by that time probably the collar is all stretched and colour faded, you still can wear them at home, or use it as a floor cloth. It is still counted-as long as you use it.
So who says RM50 for a tee costs alot?

If you want t throw away an old,spoilt electrical appliant,
open everything up.
*blink blink*
What? Have not you wondered which wire crosses to what thingy that connectes to that green thingay that generates that thingamajiggy?
Or is it just me?

Okie, here's part 1 for shopping 101.
Will post more if I can think of any.

Chloe, getting ready for Petaling Street and KLCC in 2 1/2 hours time.