Friday, 30 November 2007

Job Vacancy

Suria has left for Indonesia and will be back in a month's time.

only for a month
Opened to anyone who is willing to wash two toilets weekly, clear up Chloe's mess daily and teman her to watch dramas in the middle of the night.
Food and Lodging are free.
Salary can be negotiated.
No copying Clo in any way or what so ever.
For further inquiries, please call Clo.
Gosh, the house is so quiet... Clo hasn't had her breakfast brunch yet because she can't decide between Thai instant noodles or M'sian instant noodles =/
I remembered the time when she first came, it felt like someone was invading my privacy. Now it's like... Clo is all alone at home again.
Of course I will never forget the times when she annoyed me to death by her piercing laughter and her copycat-ing me.
I'm sure many of you remember how I rant so much about her to the extend that I get so worked out and pissed myself.
I remember the time when I didn't want to go home because she was there.
I remember the time when she liked my Lam Fung and Ron Ng.
Be right back, got a call.
Chloe signing out to talk to her fishies.


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Can I leave my CV with you.? lol...
hahahah..kesian no 'kakak' to spoon-feed u now..

Andrew C. said...

oh yes... How could we ever forget about her copycat thingy. lol..

CHLOE said...

wong-wad's a cv?

chong-yeah~ EXACTLY!!!