Saturday, 22 December 2007

Windy Day =)

Today’s weather was very, very windy. The sun wasn’t scorching hot as it has usually been. Something unusual as I would normally forecast the weather.

I like this year’s Christmas prezzie. It’s a Parker pen with my name engraved on it.

Christmas isn't a festival I really celebrate. It's just a time where I hang out with my family-not that we never hang out, but duringt this time, my mum cooks extra special stuff and my other family members bring their special stuff too. =D

But that's not my favourite part. I love the feeling of warmth during this season. It makes me
...not because it's Christmas... it's because...I don't know... this feeling is quite diffrent... this season kinda gives me inspirations to write a nice story. A good one that makes you feel all warm inside.
The thing is... I write better on the good old fashioned paper and pen... So you might or might not be able to read my Christmas masterpiece =P

Laa~ Aku tau belum Christmas lagi. Buat-buat macam Christmas aje. Aku rasa nostalgia la skrang.
Why that came out in BM, I do not know.

Chloe, wishing everyone a blessed early Christmas, and wishing myself a windy Christmas =D


Brian D'milano said...

Ever since you screw me from day 1 till now I feel so left out when your mum cooks extra special stuff saw the picture you yummy!!! and 2day i know you poke me twice at the party!! Kelynn just covering you up thts all!!! lol