Thursday, 17 January 2008

In Point Form

Thursdays-Classes from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm.

This morning, I woke up, looked at my watch, “oh, 9.30am only” so I went back to sleep.

-At 11am I woke up with a jolt realizing that I had class...that was almost ending!

-I was like “shit…Shit… SHIT!!!”

-Checked my phone, four messages from my college friend, two from my mum asking if I was in class or not and two other missed calls from her.

-Jumped out from bed and head to the shower within seconds.

-Called the radio taxi to pick me up and send me to college. The taxi goes by meter. The meter says RM4 but I had to pay extra RM2. What a rip off.

-Guess what. I bathed, changed got out of the house and reached college within half an hour. Miracle huh?

-Met up with Wei Vern in the café to find out that Typography class was cancelled and was changed to another day.

-Nicholas was like soooo jealous because I needn’t have to wake up early to find class was cancelled.

-We had our brunch at the cafeteria.

-Wei Vern, Marcus and I headed to the IT lab until 1.30pm after Nicholas, the Chinese looking Malay girl (sorry I duno your name) and Jion left.

I apologize for the sentences in point form. Words just don't flow out like they normally would today.