Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Stupid T523 Bus Driver

I was at the summit bus stop after college. I waited and waited and waited for the damn bus to arrive.
Finally a T523 stopped in front of me.
Me: Ada pegi USJ13 kah?
Bus driver: ada!

So I hopped on.

To cut the long story short, the blardi bus didn’t go there. Instead in order to get to usj13, one has to cross two big roads.
As pissed as I was, I decided to go home instead because the bus passed by my home area.
By the way, USJ13 is where my grandmother lives.

Anyway, on the bus there was THIS MAN and he sat beside me. When the bus was empty, he didn’t move up to sit elsewhere. I watched him from the corner of my eye, hiding behind my fringe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people sitting beside me, BUT it just so happen he came down at the same place as me!

Ok… this was getting weird.

I hugged my green file tightly to my chest, hoping to get some comfort from it, but it seems that files aren’t very comforting. Remind me to put a teddy bear I my bag next time.
He slowly tailed behind me as I picked up my pace.
Upon reaching the guard house, I turned my head and he was still behind me.
He was smsing on his phone, probably asking his friends to kidnap me of something. K la, I’m no 5 year old girl, nor do I live anywhere Taman Medan, but hey, it’s scary ok?

So judging that IF he was plotting some way to kidnap me or something and describing to his friend how I looked like, I knew I had to think of something. Running as fast as I could is not an option.

Without hesitation, I took off my dark blue jacket, and chucked it into my bag, revealing my light blue fitting tee and my Pooh Bear tummy
Thinking that he would recognize my striking green file, I chucked it into my bag too.
I changed my hairstyle from using a blue crystal shark clip to tie half of my hair to a ponytail using a rubber band instead.
I removed all accessories, just in case he uses it as a descriptive item.
My hands almost crushed my handphone as I held it tightly, with my thumb on the speed dial button ready to make an emergency call anytime just by asserting a teeny bit of pressure.

Ahaha... I felt like I was in some movie like that. Doing all the transformations while walking to avoid bad guys. With the background music playing in my head. Aiseh... Where's the camera la?

I even used another route to get to my block. Upon reaching, I used the stairs to go up to Ground Floor, then took the lift to the Fourth Floor. Got out, and sent the lift down to the Second Floor, just to confuse the person abit.

As for my OBVIOUS big white bag, tell me, which guy on earth would notice bags? Plus, there was nothing I could do to hide it, so I took the chance by thinking that he wouldn't recognize it.

Chloe, home now, safe and sound =)