Saturday, 19 January 2008


Dear 7th grandaunt who will be staying with us for the next few days/weeks,

I would appreciate it if you would stop rattling about my late grandmother.
Enough said.


Gym doesn’t seem as fun as it was a few months ago. The clock ticks 50% slower during RPM and my energy drains out faster within 10 minutes of RPM compared to walking around Bangkok’s shopping areas for 14 hours straight.

My legs aren’t moving to the beat like it did. Somehow the beat of the music doesn’t make me bang my head nor make my legs go ‘boom, boom, boom’ anymore. I need to go for another class. Hmm… line dancing? Body Combat? Body Attack? Body Pump? Body Jam? Or Body Step?

I want to learn to learn ballroom dancing… I think it’s cool to know a ballroom dance, or Latin, or Tango, or Waltz…but I can’t for sorta obvious reasons…apart from having two left feet.

Chloe, twirling out.