Thursday, 24 January 2008

"Free Food So Pile Up-Lah!" -No One See So I Makan Lah

Malaysians are a disgusting lot.

*ducks at the sight of a flying dagger*
Phew. That was a close shave.

Serious. Ok, I don't mean ALL Malaysians.

Some are more refined... Some are just not...

Everyone knows about the pile up on plates during buffets at open houses, so I shall not repeat that cliché. I would really love to change the topic and say that I live around a nice bunch of fellow Malaysians around me, much as I love to change the topic, some things aren't best left unsaid:

I've seen some people who opens a bag of crisps at a hypermarket and feasts to their stomach's content then dispose the bag and leave without paying.

Yes, there is such thing as consumer's rights, but that doesn't give them the rights to do such thing. These actions aren't tolerable.
Their arguments may be that they 'want to test the products first before purchasing'. It doesn't mean that they can 'test' it for free. If they are willing to eat, they should be willing to pay and take the risk of eating ‘not-nice-stuff-that-are-not-worth-the-money’.

It is a different story if the company provides free testing. But even with that, I've seen people standing around the counter asking for more that adds up to a portion of a bowl of noodles.


Chinese New Year is round the corner.
Traders are selling mandarin all over the places... including hypermarkets.
Consumers are buying mandarin for their friends and relatives...
Self centered people are eating mandarin for free…

Note that the box is placed upseide down. They can even rip the yellow seal open, snap the plastic box open and yank out the mini mandarin...and even have the cheek to leave the peel on top.
The picture above was taken when I went to Giant, Subang Jaya with my grandaunt.

Think about it…

Chloe, disgusted. Need I say more?