Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Torn Pants

A close friend of mine came over to my place for a night because her mother would be back late from a holiday.

We were watching tv...

She farted.


Suria laughed her head off and literally went down to the floor, clutching her stomach with her arms to avoid it from tearing or something.
In between laughs she cried out to the farter...

"Angin begitu kencang sampai Seluar Koyak!"

I was like... o____O


Valerie ThamPY said...

hey kak clo, your this entry gonna be famous in the kepong area....just go and check out my blog

chloe said...

heyyyyy I didnt kno ur name was valerie!!! THAT'S NICE!!! valerie is a nice name!!!

haha... ThamPY pulak!!!