Sunday, 6 January 2008


I would like to make an announcement.

When I look at you, it doesn’t mean I like you.
When I talk to you, it doesn’t mean I’m interested.
When I ask for a favour, it doesn’t mean I am desperate either
More things to show I’m not into you, I will have them listed.

When I look to your direction, who says I’m looking at you?
When I look at the attendance list, am I looking for your name?
When my eyes scan through the room, who says I’m looking for you?
Uninterested, emotionless, couldn’t-care-less, who?-what?-where? All the same...

Now, get that stupid thought out of your head that made you think I was AND HAVE BEEN hitting on you.

You are not allowed to be perasan.
Only Chloe, the one and only is allowed to be Miss Perasan Case.