Saturday, 23 February 2008

A Baby that Blinds

Media Studies Class-Topic: News
Assignment: Create an 8pm news
Final Production: We got too carried away with our news until it became a whole drama.

Daymn. Now we have to follow-up on our 'news' which isnt really news.

Wei Vern (in red) directing the camera angle while I create the story. Of course the rest of the team brain stormed too. Keith the cameraman.

Jasvin posing for the camera.
Look at Keith caressing the baby.
That was my first time being so close to a REAL LIVE SUPERHAWT CAMERA with a SUPERHAWT BODY THAT REPORTERS USE so I asked Keith to take a picture of me holding it =)
It wasn't the lightest thing on earth but it felt so good holding the body of the camera close to my chest and onto my shoulders =P

Yours Truly
Can you see the body? Can you just feel it? Can you see the beautiful sleek lens? And the mike?
Can you see the red button which you push and it turns on?
Ahh~ Camera, one day you'll be mine.
We did some kinda ghost story thing. Jas was the ghost. She freaked herself out by being the ghost. The college isn't that dark, I just use the wrong setting. I didn't want to use flash that's why. I don't like flash.
Chloe, going to call the Ghost Busters Team and slot them in to check if there are any ghosts on the 6th floor or not do some follow up on her news she created.


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