Monday, 18 February 2008

KD Blue Balloons!

It started like any normal day...
I went for Photo Studio & Lighting class...
My first class since two weeks ago.
Anyway, we were in class suddenly this Roslan lect came in with an announcement. Class from 1pm-7pm cancelled.
But the thing is I had no class from 1pm o_____O

Today is the grand opening(G.O.) for SEGi Kota Damansara. It was compulsory for every SEGi student to go to KD and greet the Prime Minister and be there for the G.O.

Shuttle busses were provided for free but the guys wanted to drive there themselves so that we could leave early.
So off we went to KD... Sylvia, Nick, Chris and Jion in Marcus's Iswara while WeiVern, GG and I went into Nik's Kembara.

SEGi Kota Damansara's main gate. Pic taken from Nik's car as we were leaving.

We were given free SEGi tees, free ahem, bottled SeaMasterAirPaip... AND...




Everyone fought for their balloon... I got one =D

While some prefer to give them to the green creatures out there...

...others attempted to get a job at Disneyland.

We reached there at 2pm because the PM was supposedly to arrive at 3.30pm but there was no sign of him at 4.30pm. The rest got bored so we decided to go back.

Don't tell Nick I posted this here. He'll burn my camera. He said so.

I tried taking a picture of the SEGi Subang(in dark blue) walking in between the SEGi KD (in orange) because the whole place was taken over by orange people. But this random guy beria-ria wanna masuk my pic so I asked him to pose and tadaa~ He's here.
Wasted no fireworks =/ Nothing is complete without fireworks.