Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Project Run-A-Way, Puchong

My cousin's family just shifted to Lake Edge, Puchong. It's a dunno-wad-you-call-it community.
No gate or fence in the whole area. But there are guards guarding the place.

See the stream flowing behind the houses? Imagine sitting by the banks dipping your toes into the cold water on an evening watvhing the sun set in front of your eyes in your very own backyard... Ahh~ Nice =)

The infinity pool that 'joins and flows' to the lake.

So since my cousins(that stays at Lake Edge) wasn't free, my other cousins and I decided to take a stroll at the park which was quite nice.

Tiffany, my cousin, my camwhorekaki amd yours truly on the green batu thingy in the park facing the west =)

So we were bored... and just so happen there wan this mini runway on the slide thingy so the cousins decided to pose for the camera =)

(From left to right)
Abel:What am I to do with my poser sisters?
Christine, Tiffany and the little one, Magdalene.

So they posed and posed and posed....

And got stuck to it.
So that is what I did during CNY 08. Apart from stuffing my stomach with..erh, food.