Saturday, 2 February 2008

At the Studio:

Ok... A recap on what happened last week...
Classes...More classes...
Oh ya, Nikolas booked the photo studio for our assignments.
Used his camera because he's the only one in the two groups that has an SLR.

I couldnt use my digi cam because my camera doesn't support the wireless flash thing.
Since we didnt use my digicam for assignments, I used it for journal purposes instead.
Pics, one again are blur because I couldn't use the flash in the studio because it will affect the censor(a thingy that reads the power of the flash)
and at the same time, they were all moving about.

People at work: Using the flash meter to check the flash.
Nik in brown, adjusting the flash. Wei Vern in red giving out instructions, Marcus in white, holding the censor. See the camera there? I'm the cameralady =)
That's my spot where I look through the lens and click!

People behind the scenes: (from left to right) GG, Sylvia(yes, Sylvia from SMK USJ 8), Nicholas in red, blocking Chris in black, Nik, and Jion.
Athira and yours truly aren't in the pics.
Ahh, sod it. faces aren't clear anyway.

NIK, if you are reading this, just shove your butt into the logi yourself. Then tell me about it before u ajak me, ok? No such thing as ladies first wan. Gentlemen must try out stuff n c if it suits the ladies.
Chloe, waiting for Nik to dive in the logi.