Wednesday, 12 March 2008

ASSignments This Week

I should be studying.

WeiVern, Sylvia, Nic and Marc are over at my place. For what reason, apart from channel surfing and filling up the couches, I have no idea.

I should be studying. Got Media Law and Ethics test1 tomorrow.

Came to update for the sake of updating =)

Bloody busy these few days. You people can't imagine how much I hate Typography. Typography is a bloody subject that teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator. So in future, I'll be a journalist who will be using Illustrator to write articles -.-''

I've got a case to read. So in future, I'll be a journalist who sits in a bloody lawyer's office and read bloody cases and summarize them -.-

I don't even want to talk about Media Studies. I've got TWO reports to write.

I've got to pick a topic for Presentation Skills by next week and present it the week after with Power Point. Help me think, people, think! Something with content so that I can have the important points in powerpoint. Ideas are and will be very much appreciated =)

Not to mention my test tomorrow.

Chloe, leaving and scrape the last bit of general knowledge she has left in her brain.