Saturday, 22 March 2008

Finally~ =)

BBQ at Wei Vern's place cancelled. Instead, we headed to some steamboat restaurant at Sunway. Reached there at 5.15pm, keluar-ed at 7.30pm.
Apparently there's 3 floors and when we left, we saw a huge crowd of people waiting at the entrance, waiting to get it, as if Maroon5 is dining there, except for the fact that there were more old and old-er people waiting instead of screaming young fans.

When we walked out, it felt like all eyes were on us. The next person in line must be thinking that they're so lucky because we've left and they will be taking our table =)

Anyway, Marc wanted to go to the loo but he didn't want to use the one at the 'restaurant' so all of us-includes CJ7, Syl, Nic, Nik and Jion temaned him to Pyramid. Went round for a little walk while CJ7 and I planned and got inspirations for our next photoshoot next week.

Haven't been updating, sorry for that.
You see, I wanna show you lots of pictures, but
1) my memory card can't be read
2)when I've finaly got the pictures, I can't log on to blogspot,
3) and when I've finally logged on to blogspot, I don't know what to write =/

So since i've logged on, I tapped a few things on =)
You're welcome =)))