Saturday, 29 March 2008


Okieee... an update=)

Been really busy this week. As I mentioned before, my assignments have been piling up like nobody's business and I've been sleeping at around 5am for the past few nights.
Now that I've hantared the Media Law and Ethics care study, baru only I dare to do other stuff.


I booked the photo studio for Thursday at 9.30am to do our Portrait and Product photoshoot.
We allowed Nik's group to do their group's work first because he said there was only a few pictures to take, manatau his group took more than 3 hours to finish, so when it was our time to do our photoshoot, it was already 12 something and Syl's class starts at 12 so she had to leave early. Gosh you cannot imagine how pisssed Wei Vern was. Everyone under the roof kenaed like shit.
As for me, because I slept at 5.45am the night before so my mind was working abit slower than usual, kena-ed from her for not listening properly. Haha~

So anyway, these are our results:
So what do you think?

And finally, our product:

Ballerina shoes =)
Pretty eh?

I have a feeling that these will kena reject. Why? You scroll up and check the lighting la.
I was in charge of the camera. And I didn't check the lighting. Blarlihell, so how? Reshoot lor...
Kudos to WVern for the make up on Jasvin and GG. And not to forget her ballerina shoes and her legs.
Chloe, going to book the studio again for a reshoot =/