Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Just came home from college.

Presented my powerpoint presentation today =D
Glad that's over. Miss gave out my marks, but she didn't want to tell me the exact result. As for now, I'm just glad I've got more than 25% out of 30% =DDDDD
My topic: Polyamory
Number of slides:12
Time:7-8 minutes
Why I'm telling you this: I don't know, I'm just proud =)

Went to Summit for lunch. Marc's friend, Jacky was there, so Jacky drove Marc's car. Went to Taipan because Jacky wanted to pay his maxis bills.

It was raining. So Marc passed him a cap to run to pay his bills while we wait in the car for him, in front of the maxis shop.
But for some reason, Jacky decided to park inside the HSBC building carpark because it was raining. So in the car went, and out we walked towards the maxis shop... without an umbrella.


"OI, you could get wet yourself but you decided to make us both go under the rain with you as well!" Marc kept shouting at Jacky.

As for me, I kept quiet =)

Wahh~ if I were to complain (not that I was) I wouldn't be walking under the rain to the maxis shop, but I'll be walking under the rain back home =/

Eating the bar of choco Lala bought me. Lala, it's almost finished. Next bar please=)

I should be studying some stupiak case due this Thursday.
I should be finishing my Media studies due tomorrow.
I should be completing my typography that is 2 days late.

ARGHHH shit ASSignments!!!
I need to sleep. How can people, lecturers who hold their mastersdegree treat me like this. How can they deprive me of my sleep?

Shaddap Clo don't complain.


Clo leaving, to continue NOT-sleeping.