Thursday, 17 April 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Went for dinner with the group of clowns.
Had pizza at Pizza Hut. Dunno who suggested it.

Actually, it was more of a dinner + photo assignment doing thingy

Mission: To get 40 pictures of diffrent types of lights including tungsten lights, fluorecent lights, street light and neon lights.

Plan: To take as many pictures of lights as possible within a short time at Pyramid.

Outcome: Played around alot. Took some random pictures too. The whole group went beserk at the sight of ANY colourful lights.

Pictures taken: 26.Only.

Quotes: "MY light! Dont take!"
"I took that light already! Dont copy"
"Oi! Dont block my light!"

You see, we were all competing to get the best lights and when oene person sees one, the whole pack follows suit, but in diffrent angles. Cheating. So the very cheating.

The pack of clowns minus Jion who is always MIA and appears within seconds.

The pack of bigger clowns. CJ7 running up the escalator, avoiding getting into my camera.
The biggest clown is that ass who so badly wanted me to take a picture of him grabbing his own erh, "Timmy and Jimmy" =/

See what I mean when I said that everyone is taking the same picture but in diffrent angles?
Ice-Clown so badly wanted me to take a picture of his middle finger. He didnt know that his face would be in it. Hahahhh!!!

We saw this adver tistment on the floor, a picture of a flower pond on the floor. Ice clown so badly wanted me to take a picture of him peeing in the pond.
P/S-Ice Clown has a poem for one of his pair of twins.

"wen he child is tommy
wen he teen is timmy
wen he adult is tammy
wen his died is mati"
Chloe, going to take more pictures =D


Chie Hong said...

it's nice gotur own blog.
now u r become the one who let us scared cos u will publish our CLOWN picture in ur blog *dangerous girl...

Valerie ThamPY said...

hey, u should try starhill...i did a research there and the lighthings there are really cool

or also the tangs at pavillion

or also can try kl convention center during night time, i'm doing a lighthing research on this place