Sunday, 20 April 2008

LaDiDa =)

I'm not bored, but I want to be bored.

Lots of people say that college is the place where people have fun, the work load is at its minimal and life is the easiest.

To hell with that.

Ok, it is partly true that there isn't much studying to do, thank goodness for that, but the amount of assignments are crazy! I'm currently online, supposed to search for some stuff for Media Studies' presentation this Wednesday.

But instead, I decided to blog a little, just in case you people miss me as much as I miss my bored boring life.

People say that you'll change when you get to college. Yes, people DO change no matter where they go, so what's the bloody diffrence? Pik Wah noticed I started cursing alot. Thanks to *cough* Nic *cough* Nik *cough* Marc *cough cough*

I thought that I will have the will to lose weight the minute I step into college. I thought I'll find the 'skirt and blouse' side of me once I step into college.


To hell with that too.

Look at me. I don't even give a shit about my figure now. I'm eating 3 meals a day, eating supper just before bed time and even gobbling up food in front of people like nobody's business.
I guess I'm not so self-concious anymore.
I couldn't care less if people think that I'm a nerd, sitting right in front of class, doing well in class, participating in class, and sitting at the table before the lecturer comes in.

I don't give a shit if people talk about me, condemn me, laugh at me for talking to lecturers. I used to call these people boot lickers, aka 'chat hai'.

But now I know, when you talk to lecturers, they will understand you more, and they will know your standards. Smile at them, and they will smile back at you. When you enter their good books, you'll be surprised how much you can learn from them.
I wouldn't call that being teacher's pet. I call it 'narrowing the distance' or 'bridging the gap'.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Nic has been writing poems. Poems that made Sylvia cry. Come to think of it, Syl cries at almost anything that touches her. Oh, bless her soft heart.
Anyway, I wrote something, might post it up later. it is more shallow compared to Reach (Not) The Wind which I wrote on the 12th of March 2006.

I tend to put my heart into my poetry,
And judging by the fact that most people know, I hardly put my heart into anything.
So that makes me have less than 10 poems to my record.
But I guess writing one good poem is better than writing a million empty ones. Nic, I don't mean you.

I would like to tell you people that...


Nahh, nothing happened. I'm a naturally happy person! =)
Despite the piling ASSignments =/
Owh the agony~