Monday, 21 April 2008

Typing from he Art Studio =)

This is superchun! I just have to switch on the laptop and tadaaa... I'm automatically logged on to the net!!! Yippieee!!!

Okie... I was on the phone. I admit I was talking damn loud. Darn. Malunyerrr >.<
Now I don't know where to hide my face. Now you'll think that I'm one ol bugger who screams and shouts over the phone trying to be supersmart teaching Pontengers Keith and gf how to use Adobe Illustrator. Damn damn damn.

They have to hantar the fonts tomorrow, and they are asking me how come their Illustrator can't read their fonts. And and and the thing is... I can't direct them to create outlines through another comp because their Illustrator is in Chinese!!!

Currently having Jin reading this blog over my shoulder. I wonder if he is reading this line. And Eugene just commented that I msn too much. Pfft yeah right.

I just type alot, that's all.

Say hi to Jerr =) He's looking at youuuu!!!!