Saturday, 17 May 2008

Climbing Into Another Day in Life

Went rock climbing at Summit with Pei Yan. Pris couldn't make it because she was being a driver for some small kids.

Met Chee Foo, Siew Chuen and Chor Hang there.
Bah, long story on how Pyan and I killed time at d game shop Chor Hang worked at, how I climbed rocks, how I climbed HALFWAY then lost control after looking down, how Chee Foo brought the whole gang(Kung Seng, Peng Lim and Sheng Tuck) to laugh at me while I was up there, how Pei Yan and I went to Starbucks, Taipan and had a superb refreshing mango-passionfruit-ice-blended-somehting.

Tummy ache, fingers still shivering. I hate the smell of rock climbing rope. YUCK!!