Thursday, 15 May 2008


Those of you who have been to my house knows that I have fishies at home. I heart my fishies because they are sooooo tiny. About
Kay, that's not the reason why I sayang my fishies, but I just do.

But as you know, in every family, there's always a CNN 'pat kua por' and a black sheep. For the fishies' case, I have group of black sheeps. Not that I memang dont like them, i really do. It's just that... They commited suicide! Not one, but MANY of the SAME SPECIES!

It's like they promise to meet in the fish afterlife or something. Let me tell you how I found these orange species. They are half the size of your thumb, in case you were wondering.

Fish1: Body found on the floor.

Fish 2: Found dead, stuck to the side of my metal box. Paid mum 10 bucks to remove it.

Fish3: Discovered body on piles of paper in front of fish tank. Body decomposed and left with bones when found.

Fish4: Found dead on the floor after my trip to Thailand, about 3 feet away from fish tank.

Fish 5: Allowed me to step on its body and slide it’s scales all over the floor. Committed hara-kiri by allowing me to scream out of geli-ness and jump all over on one leg. Til this day I still can feel it on my left sole.

Two more of its species are still in the tank. It is predicted that these two fish will not die of old age but when will it perform hara-kiri/jihad, no one knows…

The ways have been cleared so that the fish can jump out at an open space instead of cramming in between important papers and causing the papers to have a brown patch on it.