Sunday, 4 May 2008


Last week CJ&, Marc and I were in an empty room, helping CJ to stick her photos when Marc came in with a plastic bag of other people's unfinished work.

CJ and I were fuming because in less than an hour's time was the deadline and there he walks in with OTHER PEOPLE'S UNFINISHED work. Who wouldn't be mad lor?

After helping Marc helping our classmate to do the unfinished work, we had to staple the pages together. None of us had a stapler.

Marc:So how? Get stapler from who worrr? Where to find stapler?
Clo: Go get it from <> lorr... Then when he asks wad for den u just reply to STAPLE somebody's work LORRR~
That way, he'll know WHO HANTAR the work late.

I repeated myself because no one gave any response.

CJ7: No nid say aredi. No nid to repeat urself.

I was still looking down at the work oblivious to the surroundings
Still no proper answer from them. At that point of time, I would appreciate it if one of them agreed with me lor.
I repeated myself...Again...

CJ7 said the same thing in a louder tone.

I looked up...

OOPZ~ Lecturer was standing right beside CJ IN THE ROOM TOO.

Damn. At that time, i really felt like a bitch, but at the same time, they didn't finish their work. I'm not blaming one, I'm blaming the other person who went M.I.A.

"Why should we care about ***'s work when she herself doesn't care?"