Sunday, 4 May 2008

Rude Ice Clown

Ice Clown and Jion are back in their hometowns.

That day after dinner at SS2, Clowns came over to watch Project Runway. Well just so happen it was on la, so I simply write the reason here. Hahaa...

Anyway here's a convo that happened:
Mum: Do you want any drinks? We've run out of sweet drinks...Is water ok for you?

ClownS(in unison): No thank you, aunty. We're very full.

IceClown: BORING

Mum: Huh? No drinks for you?

Ice Clown: Hot like hell, man.

*burst of laughter*

Then I told my mum that Ice Clown was actually on the phone apparently talking to Nik. Nik, u definitely called at the RIGHT time. Mum laughed along too, she thought that Ice Clown was being rude.

FYi, Ice Cream=Ice Clown=Nic