Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back =)

I'm back =)

Isn't it nice to see a fresh new post here?
Haven't been blogging because my laptop's charger sizzled. Literally. It sizzled then the rubber plug that connects the socket plug thingy to the charger melted until the screws and stuff can be seen. Till then I'm unable to switch it on unless I charge the it.
I've got lots to tell you =) luckily I kept the points in my hp. If not the next line that will come out from me will be something like "lots to say but forgot what it is."
It'll be in point form because I'm running out of time. Class will be starting in 20 minutes time.

1)Refer to above(reasons why haven't been blogging)

2)When mum wanted to wash guppy fish tank so had to scoop fishies into a bucket. One fishie played dead. Soooo cuteeee!!!

3)Seven of my babies died together. You know... those in the glass vase thing on the coffee table... So upsetting =( Nearly cried.
Poor poor fishies =(

4)I'm going to stereotype Giant and Mydin workers. They(female workers) ALL have WHITE GHOSTLY FACES. Serious shit! Imagine the amount of powder they slop on their faces.
If you want to be so fair, pat some powder on your necks too.
Imagine having a ghostly face with a dirt stained neck. You people work at hypermarkets. Go get a mirror.

But I must add it to you, these people own superchun handphones. Damn, I saw! Ohya, one more distinctive feature they have, they LOVE to stick to each other like magnets or something. Reminds me of those Iban girls in my camp. Really cling on to you like glue.

5)We made a short story during videography yesterday. Hopefully will be able to edit it properly, then upload it on youtube for all of you to see.

6)Where have all the good guys gone? I don't mean that all of you are bad =/

7)As I'm coming out to the world, I'm beginning to see diffrent types of people. More types of people.

8)Gotta run, class starting in 5.

9)You have GOT to love me for updating =)