Tuesday, 24 June 2008

All In One

Haven't got anything to replace the sizzling charger yet.

My group is done with the editing of the Percintaan Segi Empat 2minute plus show/movie/clip thingy. Supposed to be a romance comedy with a slight twist in the end. More will be edited by the lecturer when he checks our work next week.

For the next assignment, I'll be leading a troop of monkeys a bunch of groupmates to shoot a 2minute clip from any movie. Which the lecturer wants a scene from a movie and we'll have to reshoot it, using Malaysian actors, of course. Which means we've only got FOUR days for the production. Which leads to me stressing more than I did during PMR/SPM days.

Hair pulling moments aside, my dad makes the best instant noodles ever =)

Ohya, I forgot to share with all of you one of the happiest moments of my life.

The moment I got you, I never felt so contented.

I promise I'll work wherever you are in the future.

Thank you for being so entertaining.

Thank you for entering my life.

Thank you for giving it to me,

I'm super grateful, kay, after losing my Wah Lai Toi to the computer that removed the channel from my tv, nothing colud be better than Astro giving me free Astro On Demand for a whole month =)