Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What's A Blog?

I read in the newspapers a few days back that apparently, blogging isn't for ranting and daily musings. back in those days (not too many 'days' away') geeks used to LINK articles and comment about them and share their thoughts about what they think about the article/issue. Or something like that la can't remember.

Well, if that's what blog actually means, it's time to change it. You can still stick to the classical way, Mr.I-Know-What-Blog-Is Exactly-About, but as for me, I may not treat it as a diary, but more of a keeping-up-with-friends-typa thing.

When you meet up with friends you have never met in a long time, the stuff you talk are normally about college and studies. And you tend to miss out on the details. By blogging them, your friends can keep track or know what's going on in your life. Of coures, common sense tells you that nobody posts personal stuff online, unless they do not mind people all over the world reading them. Diffrent people have diffrent definitions of privacy.
Some blog about their thoughts regarding general stuff.
(I'm sorry I can't continue this paragraph. Ran out of thoughts. You know, sometimes a swoosh of stress swooshes by your brain and there all the words in the brain goes. It's like a tsunami wave that washes everything with it =/)
Anyway, this is something that came across my mind so I decided to translate my thoughts to words =)