Friday, 26 September 2008


I've got this soft spot for kids.
(in case if there are any kepohs out there, I may like kids, but If I were EVER to have any, SATU cukup)

And unity.

And stuff that takes a lot of effort to be produced.
(...I don't mean babies -.-)

I missed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and people were telling me how good it was so I decided to get me a dvd to see it for myself. I mean how good can it be?

And boy, was I proven wrong.

[insert picture of 1st performance when 2008 people formed like lcd lights counting down to the opening]

[insert picture or kids representing 56 ethnic tribes of China parading in with China's national flag]

[insert picture of fireworks]

[insert picture of more fireworks]

I shed tears =')

*sniff* So..*sniff*..b..beautiflu...*sniff*

P/s:My blog kekurangan pictures, I know. Still looking for my blue digicam =(