Thursday, 25 September 2008

There It Goes, There It Goes Again~

20th of September 2008:
"Chloe, since it's going to be Raya and all, I've deicided to give you your cheque earlier than usual to that you can bank it in and get your salary before the raya"

"COOL!!! Thanks!!! =)"

I was so freakin happy!!! Especially when there's a handphone sale in Summit from the 25th to the 28th this month. Ahh~ the Sony Ericsson phone I will own. After all the anticipation, I finally get to buy a NEW S.E =D!!!

I received my cheque on the 24th of September. About 3 days earlier.

Then I decided to bank it in immediately...until I found out that the date on my cheque is written "28.09.2008" which means I can only bank in on that day istelf which makes no freakin diffrence because on the day I bank it in is the day the sales end!!!

owh the orangeness =(