Sunday, 5 October 2008

Inspiring RPM

I lack of inspirations.

I've been staring blankly at this screen since whatever time you see at the bottom of this post.
And it's 12.28am now.

In 6hours time, my mum will be dragging me out of bed with her invisible audible bulldozer and get my lazy ass to the gym where I'll hear Isaiah asking the class to:
"turn up,
drop your load,
seated climb,
standing climb,
butt back-above the saddle,
seated recovery
standing recovery
race down,
race to the top"
And the only repond I give is CO2 through my mouth like a caught fish.
Yesh, people, it's RPM. The only class I go to that doesn't require me jumping up and down but helps make me burn hundreds of calories. Not that I care.

After that, I'll come home and continue my TVB series-The Four! *grins*

Gahhh~ 12.42am already!
Lesser time for me to sleep!
Leaving now.

At least I updated =)

Stupid hiccups.