Monday, 6 October 2008

Damn Chores

While eating at Subway with my mum, two guys came in. He walked in, passed my table and sat behind me. One of them was wearing the SEGi student id around his neck.

Reminded me how much I miss college

I'll trade in anything to get back in there. Really! I would be studying/naiking gila by now.
But what am I doing now?
Bloody Chores.

I swear I'll never ever EVER become a housewife/anything that has to do with cleaning up the house in my entire life. Hate chores. Hate Chores. Hate chores.

Off I go~ Hang curtains~ Change bedsheets~ Sweep and mop floor~

Owh, the agony =(((

You thought I was going to talk about those two guys eh? Hahaa~
Kesedihan aside,
New tracks todayyy =)
Heading to gym tomorrow =)
Again. =D