Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wa kah lu kong, ah!

You don't freakin mess with me. Go and freakin smash your ugly nose on a glass window, you bitch. Everyone knows you have no freakin common sense. Poking your ugly nose everywhere. Dah lah busy body, wanna go kacau other people summore.

Think what? I'm not that free to entertain you, kay? If I freakin do, you'll be freakin squashed in between both of my palms, your ugly nose being pulled, your arms and legs broken and dumb neck twisted. Make sure your freakin guts doesn't get squshed out and contiminate my hands. UGH.

Too angry to scold anymore. Go freakin get a dumb life lah fxxxing mosquito. ARGH!


I've been pretty grumpy lately. Dumb mosquito's fault.