Friday, 28 November 2008

My Love...

... for Il Divo is back =)

This time they've returned to popera scene with a new album-The Promise.

I can't find the picture of the album at the moment. Funny it's impossible to find it on the internet. Hmm, the impossible happened.

I suddenly felt like listening to their songs so I checked out youtube. Actually, one(namely, me) would appreciate them and their songs more if they're being watched singing. Serious! It made me go weak in the knees =D

Try this song Mama.
Seriously damn touching lor. Listen to it together with the lyrics here.

But the song that made me go all ~ ( '~' indicates a flying cloth ) is Isabel and of course a few more lah.

One more Il Divo song before I go to bed. It's 3.51am now. Crap.

Leona Lewis AND Il Divo